Industry Metal Specifications

Metal Type: Drink Refinery Brass Max 5% iron
Shall consist of a minimum of 61.3 copper and maximum 5% iron and to consist of brass and bronze solids and turnings, and alloyed and contaminated copper scrap.
Metal Type: Ebony- Red Brass Gunmetal
Shall consist of red brass (gunmetal) scrap, valves, bearings and other machinery parts made of copper, tin, lead, zinc, but free of high lead castings.
Metal Type: Enerv Red Brass Gunmetal turnings
Turnings from red brass material.
Metal Type: Honey Yellow Brass
Brass castings, rolled brass, rod brass, tubing and miscellaneous yellow brasses, including plated brass. Must be free of manganese- bronze and aluminium-bronze, iron and corroded material.
Metal Type: Label New Brass Clippings
Cuttings of new 70/30 Brass sheet of plate foreign materials.
Metal Type: Malic Old Nickel Silver
Shall consist of old nickel silver sheet, pipe, rod, wire. Must be free of foreign material.
Metal Type: Night Yellow Brass Rod Turnings
Shall consist of rod turnings, free of aluminium, manganese, composition, tobin and muntz metal. Not to contain over 3% oil and other moisture.
Metal Type: Ocean Auto Radiators
Shall consist of mixed automobile radiators free of iron.