Industry Metal Specifications

Metal Type: Saves Old Zinc Die Cast
Miscellaneous old zinc base die castings, with or without iron and other foreign attachments. Free of turnings, drosses, chunks and melted pieces. Maximum 20% iron.
Metal Type: Scabs New Zinc Die Cast
Shall consist of new or unused, clean, zinc base die castings.
Metal Type: Score Old Zinc Scrap
Shall consist of clean, dry, scrap zinc, including sheets and unalloyed castings. Turnings not acceptable, material must not be excessively corroded.
Metal Type: Scribe Crushed Die Cast from Shredders
To be clean, free of dirt, oil, glass, rubber. To obtain a maximum of 5% free iron, copper, aluminium and other metals.
Metal Type: Shelf Prime Zinc Die Cast Dross
Skimmings from molten zinc die cast metal. Zinc shall be minimum 85%.