Industry Metal Specifications

Metal Type: Burly Old Nickel Scrap
Old and/or new nickel sheet, plate, or wrought nickel scrap solids. Material to contain a minimum of 98% nickel.
Metal Type: Daunt Cupro Nickel Solids
Shall consist of old and/or new nickel bearing sheets, pipes tubes etc. Normally 70/30; 80/20 or 90/10. Sold on assay basis.
Metal Type: Ideal Old Monel Sheet/Solids
Shall consist of clean R and K monel solids.
Metal Type: Sabot Stainless Steel Scrap
Shall consist of clean 18-8 type stainless steel plates; sheet; pipes, containing a minimum of 7% nickel, 16% chrome and maximum 0.5% molybdenum. Preparation to be agreed between buyer and seller.
Metal Type: Ultra Stainless Steel Turnings
Shall consist of clean 18/8 type stainless steel turnings or borings, free of excessive oil and dirt.