Industry Metal Specifications

Metal Type: HMS
This category contains varying grades of heavy melting grade steel scrap, normally sold dependent on material sizing. This material as a melting grade is normally sold by agreed inspection between buyer and seller.
Metal Type: No.1 Bundles
Shall consist of new black steel sheet clippings or skeleton scrap, compressed or hand bundled. Normally sold on agreed assay and sizing basis between the buyer and the seller.
Metal Type: No.2 Bundles
Shall consist of old black and galvanised steel scrap, hydraulically compressed. Normally sold on agreed bale weights and contamination level.
Metal Type: Shredded Scrap
Homogeneous iron and steel scrap magnetically separated, normally from automobile shredding plants, unprepared no.1 and no.2 bundles. Average density 70 pounds per cubic foot.
Metal Type: Turnings
Shall consist of clean steel and wrought iron turnings, borings free of lumps excessive moisture dirt etc, normally sold on inspection and agreement between buyer and seller.
Metal Type: Cast Iron
Various grades of cast iron scrap exist, normally sold on size and quality basis between the buyer and the seller.
Metal Type: Manganese Steel
All kinds of manganese steel scrap from, rail, mining, guard rails, frogs and/or switch points, cut or uncut.